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Work-Seeking Youth: It’s Easier to Find Good-Paying Jobs in Tulsa, OK

Posted by kevin | March 26, 2014 | Industry News

For the past decade, good-paying jobs in Tulsa, OK has never eluded work-seeking individuals, especially the youth or entry level applicants. In fact, Tulsa’s job market is doing so well that more young people are being enticed to come down and have their own way at life, either to support their schooling or jumpstart long-term careers. Testimonials from select youth are chronicled in an article published on the website of Tulsa’s Channel 8, wherein they back up the positive news concerning the current state of Tulsa’s job market.

“When I got this offer I jumped on it,” said 24-year-old Ethan Hooker, fresh off the boat from Georgia, doing ticket operations for the Drillers. “I’d never been to Oklahoma before, but it just kind of seemed like a neat fit,” he said.

“Came here from Kansas City,” said Spencer Hurst, 22, in group sales.

“I didn’t really know the size of Tulsa, I just wasn’t really familiar with it but coming down here I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how everything’s gone,” he said.

And overall, when it comes to youth working in Tulsa, everything’s gone pretty well over the past decade.

The positive remarks of selected working youth in Tulsa are backed up by solid numbers. A survey conducted by the research firm ManpowerGroup indicated a significant development for the city’s job market, which is expected to go as far as the 2nd quarter of 2014. By interviewing a number of employers, the firm determined that 22 percent of them planned to hire more employees and 5 percent looked to reduce staff; while 72 percent decided to stick with their current workforce and 1 percent are still uncertain.

All the data led to an overall Net Employment Outlook of 17 percent, which is four percent higher than the outlook for 2014’s 1st quarter. The data mentioned beforehand did not necessarily put premium on older, more experienced employees over younger ones. Opportunities include positions in durable/non-durable goods manufacturing, wholesale & retail trade, information, professional, education, and health services, along with leisure & hospitality and government.

With this positive outlook for Tulsa’s job market, great jobs in Tulsa wouldn’t be hard to come by for months to come. “Employers expect slightly improved employment prospects compared with one year ago, when the Net Employment Outlook was 15 percent,” said Manpower spokesperson Kelly Beyer.

(Source: Job Market Doing Well for Tulsa Youth, Tulsa’s Channel 8, March 20, 2014)