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Efficient Ways to find Great Jobs in Tulsa, OK: The Online Job Search

Posted by kevin | August 24, 2014 | Industry News

Tulsa might be Oklahoma’s largest city, but this is no guarantee that there are enough opportunities for all jobseekers out there. Indeed, the competition in the job market can be quite tough, whichever major city you choose to find work in. Nonetheless, people looking for excellent jobs in Tulsa, OK can always rely on the Internet for a boost in their chances. Here are some efficient online job search tips you can try for yourself:

Job Search Online

Craft your Resume

Get acquainted with typing programs like Microsoft Word—they’ll be your best friend throughout your job search days, as you will need to prepare a good resume to present to your potential employers. Depending on your means of submission, you might be asked to print out your resume and mail or deliver it by hand, or employers might ask you to simply email it.

Job Search Sites

Don’t just Google the job you want and expect to get the best results at the onset—you should instead look for reputable job search sites that cater specifically to employers and job seekers in your locality. Working with agencies like Barracuda Staffing, Inc. can help boost your chances of getting noticed and considered by prospective employers.

Social Media

Howstuffworks contributor Jane McGrath writes about how you can make use of social networks to better hone in your job search:

The most popular site specifically meant for professional networking is LinkedIn.com, where you can list your professional experience on your profile and make professional connections. You can ask your old coworkers and managers to write recommendations, which you can post on your profile. Also consider increasing your presence by participating in discussions relevant to your industry [source: Wilms]. Potential employers may happen to discover you on LinkedIn, or they’ll likely find your profile there when considering your application.

In addition to increasing your online presence, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are good tools for following companies you are interested in working for. If the company posts updates on such sites, read them regularly to keep up with its interests and direction. Becoming familiar with a company will give you leverage as you try to sell yourself to them.

Searching for jobs in Tulsa, OK doesn’t have to be a steep uphill climb if you know how to use the Internet to make things more efficient for you.

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